The Kentfield School District is a member of the Marin Schools Insurance Authority, a joint powers authority that provides shared access to insurance for most Marin County school districts in the areas of workers' compensation, property, liability, dental, and vision.

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No Dogs Permitted on Kentfield School District Property

Effective September 1, 2011, no dogs will be allowed on the Kentfield School District property. This decision was made in accordance with Keenan's Risk Management Consultants, the Kentfield School District's insurance representatives. We appreciate everyone's observance with this recommendation. No dog signs will be posted at Bacich and Kent.


  1. An animal specifically trained to assist disabled persona as a guide, service or signal dog.
  2. An animal used for instructional purposes, for a limited time span, and under the immediate control of the instructor or handler.

Off Campus Recommendations

All dogs and other pertinent animals within the limits of the Kentfield School District shall be on a leash or harness, of not more than six (6) feet in length that is securely fastened to the animal and held by the owner. At no time shall any animal be left unattended. This restriction applies to animals confined in any vehicle parked within the site boundaries.
Owners of dogs and other animals are responsible for the removal and disposal of any fecal matter deposited on property of the Kentfield School District. Owners shall carry a means of carrying or disposing of animal waste.