Vendor Contracts

School District governing boards are required by Public Contact Code Section 20111(a) to let (award) contracts for certain purposes that are in excess of a specified dollar amount to the lowest responsible bidder. The types of contracts subject to this bid threshold include:

  • The purchase of equipment, materials or supplies to be furnished, sold or leased to the District.
  • Services, except construction services
  • Repairs, including maintenance as defined in Section 20115, but excluding public projects as defined in Section 22002(c)

The bid limit for these types of contracts is currently $86,000. For public (construction) projects, the bid limit is $15,000.

If the District anticipates that a contract or purchase order will exceed the bid limit, the Board of Education will direct District staff to go out to bid on the project. Notices to Contractors calling for bids will be published in local general circulation newspapers. If you would like more information about District bids, please contact Kirsten Starsiak, CBO at

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