Student Services Update: March 27, 2020

Dear Parents,

Special education teachers and service providers have been planning alongside our general teachers to provide additional remote learning opportunities for our students, given the extension of school closures. Teachers at both sites will be adding new distance learning activities and supports for kids next week and will be sharing these with you. We are still learning how to best support students with learning differences using the new platforms. The activities will vary according to grade level and the needs of each student.  We ask for your patience as we learn together.

Though assessments are on hold until school is back in session, we will do our best to remotely conduct all annual and other IEP meetings that do not require assessment. Our teams can be flexible if your availability to attend changes during these challenging times. Let your student's special education teacher know if you have conflicts or need to reschedule your meeting. Please give us feedback about how the new instruction is working for your child.

Thanks for your support and partnership.

Virginia DiGirolamo
Director of Student Services
Kentfield School District