Local Funding

Discover the locally-controlled, community-supported funding sources that allow the Kentfield School District to provide a superior educational experience for our students.

Measure D Bond

Passed in November 2015, Measure D dedicates funding for construction and renovation projects to modernize facilities, address enrollment growth, and enhance safety features. Find out more here.

Parcel Tax

Kentfield voters first approved a Parcel Tax in 1987 and since then Parcel Taxes have been used in this District to keep class sizes low, upgrade technology, expand and maintain music, art, and drama programs, and fund school libraries. Local funding from the Parcel Tax provides 25% of the Kentfield School District's budget. Find out more here.

The Parcel Tax rate approved in March 2018 took effect on July 1, 2018 and expires on June 30, 2028.