Air Quality Information

Marin County Protocols to Guide Planning & Decision Making

Marin County Outdoor Air Quality Protocols for Schools with COVID-19 active in our community (English | Spanish)

  • Data will be monitored from the Fire and Smoke Map (a resource that incorporates both Purple Air Sensors, and EPA sensors), and
  • In the event that the Air Quality Index (AQI) for the following day may exceed the Hazardous range (above 300) for the majority of the county, Public Health will make a recommendation by 4:00 p.m. (for the following day) to shift from site based instruction to remote instruction.
  • A notification of Public Health’s recommendation will be countywide (not localized) and will be distributed by MCOE to Public School Superintendents and Private, Independent and Parochial Schools.
  • On days when students are already engaged in site based classroom instruction, and air quality conditions worsen, Public Health will not recommend a shift from site based instruction to remote learning in the middle of a school day.

Public Health has provided guidance that classroom and office windows and doors can be closed as long as all other safety protocols for COVID-19 are followed (masks; sanitation; distance).