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Kent Principal Grant Althouse

Greetings Kent Community,

As you know, next Tuesday, November 6th is election day across the United States, and we all head to the polls to vote for ideas and offices on the local, state-wide, and national level. Preparing young people to get informed, get involved, and to contribute as voting citizens remains a defining fundamental feature of public education. Discussion of current events is a regular component of the student experience at Kent, and next week’s election provides an appropriate opportunity to inform students about critical democratic processes.

At home during the final few days of this election season, please consider ways to make the voting process visible for your middle school child, beyond sporting the red, white, and blue I Voted sticker.

  • If you’re voting on an absentee ballot, perhaps you can show your child the ballot, explain the format, and model how votes are cast.
  • If you’re heading to a polling station on Tuesday, encourage your child to check-out the voter information guide to see firsthand the ways in which candidates, officials, proponents, and opponents present their views to persuade the electorate. While some propositions can seem so removed from our daily experience, learning about Prop. 7 and Daylight Savings Time could make the whole process seem more immediate and relevant to daily life for our children.

Tuesday’s election is a current event that happens right here at home; let’s all get out and vote! And, don’t forget to turn back your clocks on Sunday!

Grant Althouse
Kent Principal

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  • 8th Grade Transition to High School Meeting: Thursday, November 15, 2018 6:30- 8:00 p.m., Kent Library parents and 8th grade students are welcome to attend.

8th Grade Students Applying to Private High Schools in 2019-2020,

Please read this letter outlining the request process for transcripts and teacher recommendation letters to apply to a private high school.

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Attention all 6th grade basketball parents: coaches are needed for the 6th grade boys and 6th grade girls basketball teams! Contact Ryan Palmer at if you or anyone you know would like to coach!

Congratulations to the Kent Flag Football team (6th, 7th, and 8th grades) who are undefeated as of this writing (5-0). They will try to finish unbeaten on Thursday, November 8, 2018 when they take on Marin Horizon at Kent at 3:45 p.m. Go Falcons!

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