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KIK Grants for KSD Kids is the 2021-2022 grant program that offers specific funding for educational needs and special projects. Students, teachers and parents submitted applications in the Fall. Round 1 awards were announced in September and Round 2 awards were selected in December. The awarded programs will reach every grade, K-8, and find their way into Bacich and Kent classrooms in the new year.

See a complete list of programs and materials funded by KIK Grants for KSD Kids. Thank you to the Fund-A-Need donors who generously gave to this year’s grants!


funded by KIK GRANTS for KSD KIDS

Your KIK GRANTS dollars support leveled classroom books for K-1st grade and reading intervention materials / training for K-4th grade:

  • High interest, leveled K-1 books for our youngest readers. They reinforce material taught through fluency, vocabulary, comprehension and critical thinking skills practice.
  • Windsor Learning Readers are in chapter book format; their detailed illustrations encourage students at any grade level to feel confident while learning how to read. The library of books benefits the learning center program and is an available resource for grade levels K-4 grade.

Third graders benefit from an annual subscription to Pixton, a creative storyboard and writing application.

  • Create a graphic novel, storyboard, or comic strip! Pixton is the fun tool with cool content that kids will want to create with whether explaining a science concept, writing a short story or summarizing a book.

Second and Fourth graders benefit from an annual online subscription to Reading A-Z!

  • Reading A-Z allows teachers to differentiate reading instruction so students can access reading material at specific levels to target their needs. Without a reading specialist in fourth grade, this subscription is especially crucial.


funded by KIK GRANTS for KSD KIDS

KIK is proud to sponsor the newly refurbished Kent garden and chicken habitat headed by Mr. DeBoi, Design / Shop / Startup Teacher.

In years past, Kent had a garden and chickens, but lack of funding prevented program upkeep and development. Mr. Althouse and Mr. DeBoi heard from students who asked to work in the garden after being “cooped” up during distance learning.

With your KIK GRANTS, fundamental equipment was procured and the process of hatching chicks reared by our students was well underway — and since early Fall the joy of chickens and the delight of children has returned to the garden! Sammy, Albert, Oreo, Toast, and Minnie provide a natural, lively outdoor classroom for our students as well as a social-emotional outlet for the students who visit daily, including weekends!

The garden and chickens also offer these valuable benefits to our Kent kids:

  • Shared park-like space and experience offering social-emotional benefits
  • Observable, botanical education
  • Selection of plantings after doing research for the garden
  • Chance to observe biological aspects of the chicken life cycle, embryology and other developmental topics
  • Sense of responsibility for, and connection with, the natural world and develop a sense of care for the chickens
  • Opportunity to eat a fresh egg, pull a corn husk, and taste the freshness of produce that isn’t store-bought
  • Ability to organize themselves to care for the chickens during summer
  • Sense of wonder, pride and stewardship


KIK is thrilled to announce that plans are underway for our annual Spring Event, that includes an online auction, the largest event fundraiser of the year! Current plans also include a celebration party and live auction at Bimbo’s 365 in San Francisco on Saturday, April 30. Stay tuned for party details in coming months.

First, in order to raise as much funds as possible to service our children, we need help from our KSD community to secure and donate items for the online and live auctions:

  • If you have access, or are willing, to donate vacation homes, unique experiences, golf at members-only clubs, airline tickets, travel packages, restaurant, grocery, spa or retail gift cards, home goods or kids activities, please contact Holly Myers.
  • No donation is too small and can be bundled with other similar items to create a wonderful auction package.
  • Family and friends can also contribute by purchasing items off the Amazon auction wish list. It’s an easy way to be part of the auction and help KIK reach the $1M goal for our Bacich and Kent students and schools.

All donations must be submitted by March 1. THANK YOU!


JAN 11 - $50 Dine & Donate - Left Bank KIK Family Meals
Gives 20% to KIK, Opt in for weekly order reminder.

  • Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, roasted carrots, & Caesar salad

JAN 24 - “Scheduled KIKoff Time” - Let’s Get Ready to Rrrrrrumble!
KIK Super Bowl Challenge - Grade Level Participation Contest begins

FEB 09 - “Game Day” - KIK Super Bowl Challenge ends!

MAR 01 & 03 - Bacich Wildcare Program funded by KIK GRANTS for KSD KIDS

APRIL 30 - Save the Date - THE ROARING TWENTY 20’S
KIK Spring Auction Event, Party at Bimbo’s 365 Club featuring Mustache Harbor



We’re closing in on 75% of our fundraising goal for our Bacich and Kent schools — outstanding! Thank you to our Family Giving Donors and Business Partners for their support of our students and the programs they love.

KIK is committed to raising $1 million for our Bacich and Kent students for the 2021-22 school year.
For Installments or Matching Gifts, Print Donor Form in English and Spanish.
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