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October 3rd, 2022

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Dear KSD Community,

Throughout the District we have a variety of committees to support our overall operations while increasing the engagement of our school community. Wendy Holmes, Kent Assistant Principal and Ann-Marie Skaggs, Bacich Assistant Principal are KSD’s Safety Committee facilitators. They have put together the below information to help our parents/guardians have a deeper understanding of how we are addressing safety within school sites. Read on to learn more about how we are keeping our students and staff as safe as possible.

Take good care,

Superintendent Signature

Raquel Rose

KSD Safety Overview

Safety at KSD

One of the KSD’s main priorities within our district is to maintain the safety of our students and staff. We have many protocols and procedures to ensure a safe and secure learning environment for our students. We maintain strong partnerships with the Kentfield Fire Department, Marin County Sheriff Department, and the Marin County Office of Education Health, Safety and Support Department to keep our school communities safe. We would like to highlight a number of our safety practices currently in place.

Emergency Preparedness Plans

  • Each school has a detailed plan outlining the specific protocols to be employed in different emergency situations. It also describes roles and responsibilities of the various emergency teams, such as Search & Rescue, First Aid, and Student Release.

Medical Trainings

KSD Staff is well prepared in the event of a medical emergency through participation in specific medical related training.

  • In the coming months, all certificated staff who don’t already have CPR certification will be trained on CPR and specific first aid assistance (Stop the Bleed).
  • The Marin County Office of Education received a grant to provide school districts across Marin county with Narcan to prevent an opioid emergency. Training in this area will be provided by our district nurse.

Safety Drills

  • Monthly safety drills are held at both sites to give students and staff an opportunity to practice responding to three types of emergencies – fire, earthquake, and lockdown.
  • Our large drill in November gives our schools a chance to deploy safety teams, practice their respective responsibilities, and engage in different scenarios. In addition, we will implement our student release process, Tag & Ticket, with students being picked up by authorized adults.

Facility Safety Improvements

  • Door Magnets – Magnets on classroom doors allow them to be opened and closed while remaining in the locked position throughout the day. In the event of an emergency, the magnet can be quickly removed and the door will be closed in the already locked position.
  • Gates – Gates are monitored and locked throughout the school day to maintain a closed campus.
  • Window coverings – Windows throughout our campuses have been provided with window coverings. We are In the process of inventorying windows that need a covering in the event of a lockdown emergency.
Safety at KSD

The overall focus of our emergency preparedness work is to provide an efficient and organized response to emergencies, which includes clear procedures and processes. We ensure that staff are well trained and that our students are confident in what to do in the event of any type of emergency. Thank you for your support in maintaining the safety and wellbeing of our students.

District Announcements

Reminder: Non-Student Day (school closed)

Wednesday, October 5th is Yom Kippur Holiday Observed

Important E-Bike Safety Notice

KSD families,

We continue to receive messages from concerned citizens about student safety while riding bikes and e-bikes. Recently, a third grade student incurred injuries when struck by a student cyclist on a pathway in our community.

Though we support the independence that bikes provide, we urge you to consider the power you are placing in your child's hands, particularly with a heavier and faster e-bike, which is harder to maneuver and takes longer to stop. Here are a few questions for you to consider when making this decision:

  • Does your child understand the rules of the road and multi-use pathways?
  • Will your child watch out for the safety of other cyclists and pedestrians?
  • Will your child follow laws, including wearing a buckled helmet?

This flyer provides more information to help you gauge your student's readiness for riding an e-bike responsibly on streets and pathways. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact our partners at Safe Routes to Schools:

2022-2023 District Calendar

Monday, October 3, 2022

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

  • Governance Workshop, 8-10 a.m.
  • Kent Site Council meeting, 3:30- 4:30 p.m., Room 11
  • District English Learning Advisory Committee (DELAC) meeting, 5-6 p.m., Bacich Library

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

  • Yom Kippur (observed) – No School

Thursday, October 6, 2022

  • Flag Football at Davidson, 4-5 p.m.
  • 8th Grade Volleyball vs. Good Shepherd, 4:45-5:45 p.m.

Friday, October 7, 2022

  • End of Hex 1

Monday, October 10, 2022

  • Bacich Lost & Found donation - please pick up items before this day
  • Flag Football vs Good Shepherd, 4-5 p.m.
  • 6th Grade Volleyball Game at St. Raphael, 4:45-5:45 p.m.

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

  • 6th Grade Volleyball Game vs. Mill Valley, 4:45-5:45 p.m.
  • 7th Grade Volleyball vs. Good Shepherd, 4:45-5:45 p.m.
  • School Board meeting, 5-8 p.m.

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

  • International Walk to School Day
  • Parents in Action, 8:30-10:30 a.m., Bacich Room 7
  • Bacich ELAC Meeting, 8:30-9:30 a.m.
  • Technology Committee meeting, 4-5 p.m.
  • KIK Board meeting, 7-9 p.m., District Office
  • KSPTA Parent Education Event: What Do You Say? How to Talk with Kids, learn more

Thursday, October 13, 2022

  • Kent Picture Retake Day
  • 8th Grade Volleyball at Good Shepherd, 4:45-5:45 p.m.

Friday , October 14, 2022

  • Kent Principal Coffee, 8:45-10 a.m., Kent Library

Next KSD School Board Meeting is on Tuesday, October 11, 2022 at 5 p.m.

Here is a link to where you can find the agenda once posted. Access to the meeting will be via in person or audio.

School Board Information: video recordings of meetings, community letters, minutes, trustee contacts

KSD Board/District Committees

  • District English Learning Advisory Committee (DELAC) meeting, October 4, 2022, 5-6 p.m., Bacich Library
  • Technology Committee meeting, October 12, 2022, 4-5 p.m.

If you are interested in joining a District Committee, please submit your name here.

ALERT! Be in the Know... Rainbow Fentanyl

Fentanyl (an extremely potent and dangerous synthetic opioid) continues to be a major contributor to drug overdoses in California, including among youth. According to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) California Overdose Surveillance Dashboard:

  • Emergency department visits related to non-fatal opioid overdoses in California’s youth ages 10-19 years more than tripled from 2018 (379 total) to 2020 (1,222 total).
  • Opioid-related overdose deaths in California’s youth ages 10-19 years increased from 2018 (54 total) to 2020 (274 total), marking a 407 percent increase over two years, largely driven by fentanyl.
  • Fentanyl-related overdose deaths in California’s youth ages 10-19 years increased from 2018 (36 total) to 2020 (261 total), a 625 percent increase.

In addition to these concerning trends, brightly-colored fentanyl (referred to as rainbow fentanyl) has been identified as a new trend according to the United States (U.S.) Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Rainbow fentanyl can be found in many forms, including pills, powder, and blocks that can resemble sidewalk chalk or candy. Any pill (regardless of its color, shape, or size) that does not come from a health care provider or pharmacist can contain fentanyl and can be deadly.

Read the full CDPH alert letter

CDPH Overdose Prevention Initiative

The Marin County Public Health continues to enforce the Marin County SMARTER Schools Plan for the 2022-2023 school year, this is the same plan that was implemented at the conclusion of the 2021-2022 school year.

Marin County Public Health is urging COVID testing for symptomatic individuals, exposure and/or high risk activity. Here is guidance from the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) specifying situations in which to test. Families are urged to have test kits in the home, which can be obtained from the school offices during regular school hours or at local pharmacies.

If you test positive please report to Laurel Yrun at, no need to report negative test results. The KSD will continue to reference Marin County’s Public Health’s Isolation, Quarantine, and Travel Guidance for TK-12 Schools to address COVID exposure.

Bacich Bears News

Maria Martin

Dear Bacich Community,

I’ve always liked the idiom “It takes a village.” It is a shortened version of “It takes a village to raise a child,” which is an African proverb common to many African cultures. “It takes a village” is applicable in so many situations to acknowledge that it takes the efforts of many to accomplish a goal. It certainly takes a village to create and implement a caring, inclusive and rigorous educational experience for our Bacich students.

This past week I visited a third grade classroom during their drama class taught by visiting teacher, Ashley Kimball, of North Bay Theatrics. This 9 week enrichment program that our second and third grade students are participating in this fall is funded by the KSD community through our KIK foundation. Students were “making pizza” which included movement, choral response, silly voices, math concepts and academic vocabulary. What a gift to our students!

When I visited a first grade PE class this week, PE teacher, Celeste Perez, was teaching several dances from various countries in South America. Students learned some geography and history while moving their bodies and listening to Latin American music. I could not help myself from joining in and learning to dance the Macarena from Venezuela.

Student Activities

In art class with Ms. Libby and Ms. Clarke, Bacich students engaged in a collaborative and community building art piece. This project was inspired by international dot day and the concentric circle painting by Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky. We appreciate the community support of our enrichment programs that we are able to offer our students.

As I read teacher newsletters, I see how many parent volunteer opportunities are available and how quickly our parent community responds to fill these volunteer spots. Classroom centers, carline volunteers, and class events are some examples of efforts to support our classroom and school activities and programs.

The KSPTA Grant Program will soon review proposals to fund materials and special projects and experiences for our students. We are so fortunate to have such an active PTA dedicated to supporting our schools and providing opportunities for our students.

These are just a few examples of how “It takes a village” is evident every day here at Bacich and the larger Kentfield School District.

With gratitude,


Maria Martin
Bacich Principal

Counselor Connection

Andrea Cashman

Dear Bacich Community,

This month we are focusing on our Character Counts pillar of RESPECT and recognized this at our Bacich Bear Morning Assembly last Wednesday. For more information, here is a helpful handout, the “Family Guide to Teaching Good Character,” from the site. We appreciate your partnership in your child’s education.

Six Pillars Characters

Our staff are always looking for students who exhibit exceptional character and citizenship and acknowledge this by giving out Bacich Bear Cards. At our Wednesday morning assemblies, those students are called to stand and be recognized.

I am so impressed that so many of our students show exemplary respect to all on a daily basis!

Our September guidance lessons focused on using words for helping and not hurting, giving sincere apologies, thinking before you speak and Kelso’s Choices. Ask your child to teach you what they learned!


Andrea Cashman (aka Ms A)

Bacich Highlights

Bacich Library

The October blog is now available. Check out Bacich Library Book Buzz blog for information about how the library continues to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, discusses Rosh Hashanah and Diwali. Come in and check out books for Halloween!

Lear more about the library and search for books:

Susan Warnick
Bacich Librarian

Upcoming Bacich Events

2022-2023 Bacich Bell Schedule

Morning yard supervision begins at 7:45 a.m. at Bacich. Students arriving on campus prior to 7:45 a.m., must be supervised by a parent or responsible adult.

Bacich playgrounds, fields and play structures are closed until 2:53 p.m. If you are picking up your kindergartner and wish to wait on campus for an older student, you may supervise your child on the kindergarten playground while you wait.

Monday, October 10:

  • Bacich Lost & Found donation - please pick up items before this day

Wednesday, October 12: Bacich ELAC meeting, 8:30-9:30 a.m.

Thursday, October 17:

  • Bacich Principal Chat, 8:30-9:30 a.m., IDEA Studio
  • Bacich Site Council meeting, 3-4 p.m.

Kent Falcons News

Kent Principal Grant Althouse

Greetings Kent Middle School Families,

I have long been a proponent of the philosophy that middle level education can be so much more than the awkward period of life between elementary school and high school. Last week at Kent showcased numerous examples of how middle school can be a fun, exciting, dynamic, and engaging social experience for our students, helping middle school to stand out as a highlight of our childrens’ K-12 education, rather than simply a time to get through before the excitement of high school.

Kent hosted a cross-country track meet last week that celebrated runners of all ages as they ran their hearts out against a number of middle schools in our area. Runners laughed, talked, ran, and competed together on that warm fall afternoon along the bike path. On the Falcon news all week, short segments highlighted student dance-offs, with smiling Falcons showing off their best dance moves for our daily broadcast. Our Student Leaders’ Antiracism Movement (SLAM!) Group assembled with expert facilitator Dr. Lori Watson on Thursday to raise racial consciousness, and to envision strategies and actions to improve the student experience at our school. Cheers from multiple grade levels volleyball games reverberated through the Gym across the week as we hosted volleyball games against teams from across the county. During lunch 5th graders reconnected with their 8th grade WEB leaders at WEB Reconnect gatherings, and before school large zero period ensembles of cross-grade-level groups chipped away at new music in preparation for winter concerts. Kent Middle School is alive with activity and social connection, and we strive to create a space for each Falcon to shine during their middle school years!

In classrooms, teachers are working to deepen student connection, understanding, and skills in each content area through engaging and student-centered learning activities. At this point in the school year, teachers are deepening understanding of each students’ areas of strength and challenge, and working to leverage strengths to support growth in challenge areas.

One tool that we use in Kentfield School District to understand more about our students' learning is the MAP Growth assessment. MAP Growth is a computer adaptive assessment in Reading and Mathematics, designed to provide teachers with information about what each student is ready to learn. Information gathered from the assessment helps teachers to identify areas of focus for the class as a whole, as well as insights into instruction that each student can benefit from next.

During the week of October 10th we will be administering the MAP Growth assessment in 6th through 8th grade English and Math classes, and through 5th grade nest classrooms. The assessment takes approximately two 60 minute sessions to complete, which teachers will administer in place of lesson blocks during the test administration window for each grade level. The assessment is designed to help us with next steps for instruction, and in no way contributes to a student's grade or formal school performance measure.

The success of the MAP Growth test administration week does rely on each 6th through 8th grader arriving at school on Monday with a fully charged school-issued Chromebook. Thank you for helping to ensure that Chromebooks get fully charged next weekend, and brought to school next Monday!

Let’s continue to work together to help Kent Middle School provide the best possible academic and social experience for our children!

Grant Althouse
Kent Principal

Save the Date: International Walk to School Day – Wednesday, Oct. 12

Parents, please tell your students to “Get Their Move On!” If they Walk, Bike, or Skate to School on October 12 they can enter a raffle for prizes. Students who Park and Walk (walk 10 minutes) are also getting the benefits of active travel to school, and will be included. Walking and Biking is good for their health, it reduces pollution and traffic, and it’s Good Times! Event sponsored by Safe Routes to Schools

Fall Athletics Schedules

Cross Country: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:45- 4:45 p.m.

Flag Football: Mondays and Thursdays, 3:45-4:45 p.m.; games until 5 p.m. (download schedule)

6th Volleyball: practice on Wednesdays from 2-3 p.m. (download schedule)

7th Volleyball: practice Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m. (download schedule)

8th Volleyball: practice on Wednesdays from 4-5 p.m. (download schedule)

Kent Library

Kent All School Read and Film

Kent Middle School All School Read for 2022-2023: Judy Heumann's Rolling Warrior

Judy shares her journey of battling for equal access in an unequal world — from fighting to attend grade school after being described as a “fire hazard” because of her wheelchair, to suing the New York City school system for denying her a teacher’s license because of her disability. Judy went on to lead 150 disabled people in the longest sit-in protest in U.S. history at the San Francisco Federal Building. Cut off from the outside world, the group slept on office floors, faced down bomb threats, and risked their lives to win the world’s attention and the first civil rights legislation for disabled people.

We hope that all Kent students can bring a copy of the book to school by Monday, October 10 (available at Book Passage – be sure to mention Kent when checking out!), on Amazon or wherever you like to buy or borrow books.

  • All School Read begins on Monday, October 17
  • Author visit with Judy Heumann on Friday, October 28

The Kent Middle School Library Presents…

A community film showing of the Netflix documentary “Crip Camp”*

Friday, October 14, 2022, 5-7 p.m.

Kent Multipurpose Room

Pizza, drinks, candy, and popcorn will be sold at the event

All proceeds and donations will go to our author visit with Judy Heumann for our All School Read Rolling Warrior

View Flyer

*This film is rated R for language and some references to drug use. You may want to preview this film ahead of time to decide what is right for your family, but the themes are suitable for most students.

Happy Reading!

Rebecca Jelen
Kent Librarian

Kent Volunteer Opportunity

During the screening of Crip Camp, volunteers will be selling concessions to raise money for the author visit.

Please reach out to with any questions or sign up to volunteer here.

Kent Yearbook: Orders Now Open!

Kent yearbooks are now on sale for $42. or call 1-866-287-3096

Kent's order number is 7587.

Learn more.

Upcoming Dates

2022-2023 Kent Bell Schedule

Tuesday, October 4: Kent Site Council meeting, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Room 11

Thursday, October 6:

  • Flag Football vs Davidson, 4-5 p.m.
  • 8th Grade Volleyball vs. Good Shepherd, 4:45-5:45 p.m.

Friday, October 7: End of Hex 1

Monday, October 10:

  • Flag Football vs Good Shepherd, 4-5 p.m.
  • 6th Grade Volleyball Game at St. Raphael, 4:45-5:45 p.m.

Tuesday, October 11:

  • 6th Grade Volleyball Game vs. Mill Valley, 4:45-5:45 p.m.
  • 7th Grade Volleyball vs. Good Shepherd, 4:45-5:45 p.m.

Wednesday, October 12: International Walk to School Day

Thursday, October 13:

  • Kent Picture Retake Day
  • 8th Grade Volleyball at Good Shepherd, 4:45-5:45 p.m.

Friday , October 14: Kent Principal Coffee, 8:45-10 a.m., Kent Library

Monday, October 17: All School Read of Rolling Warrior begins

Wednesday, October 19: Kent ELAC meeting, Time TBD, Kent Library, 4:45-6 p.m.

KIK News


Thanks to generous 2021-2022 donations, Bacich 2nd and 3rd graders are enjoying a 10 week drama program!

  • Drama teachers will lead students through activities and games that will involve improvisation, singing, dancing, and exploring student creativity.
  • Students engage in fun new activities each week and grow their confidence as they build to a small end of class presentation.

Kent students will practice for and perform a Spring Production which is currently TBD. Stay tuned!

Donate now to lock in enrichments and new programs like Drama!


Thanks to Fund-A-Need donations, KIK was able to fund Mr. Bessonette’s entire wishlist for the IDEA Lab - Bacich’s innovative, creative maker space. Mr. Bessonette can now offer your students the following technological tools to enhance maker space learning:

  • Microbits
  • iPads
  • 3-D Printers
  • Bricq Motion
  • 3Dux Design
  • Sphero

Thank you Fund-A-Need Donors!



Did you know that the annual KIK $1M contribution to Bacich and Kent directly funds enrichment programs - Art, Music, PE, Library, Maker, Woodshop, Broadcasting and more. Help support Enrichments and Donate Today!

  • Approximately 88% of the $1 million-plus KIK raises comes from our school families via the Family Giving Campaign.
  • The Family Giving Ask is $2,000 per child —  any amount large or small will help us reach our goal and directly support your child’s education.
  • Your participation counts! Please consider donating today — THANK YOU!

Learn more about Family Giving.


ORDER EVERY TUESDAY - $50 Dine & Donate

Left Bank KIK Family Meals — 20% of proceeds go to KIK. Opt in for a weekly order reminder.

  • OCT 04 - Beef Bourguignon, Mashed Potatoes, Mixed Greens, & Summer Squash


OCT 08 - 1st Grade Family Social

  • @ Bacich Blacktop - 1-3PM

OCT 09 - TK/Kindergarten Family Social

  • @ Hal Brown Park, Creekside - 10AM-12PM

OCT 14 - 4th Grade Family Social

  • @ Bacich Black Top - 5-7PM

OCT 23 - 2nd Grade Family Social

  • @ Bacich Black Top - 3-5PM

OCT 29 - 3rd Grade Family Social

  • @ Hal Brown Park, Creekside - 11AM-1PM



KIK is committed to raising $1 million for our Bacich and Kent students for the 2022-23 school year.
For Installments or Matching Gifts, Print Donor Form in English and Spanish.


Learn more at

Upcoming KSPTA Meeting

Monday, October 3, 2022, 7-8 p.m., Zoom link

All are welcome to attend.

See meeting schedule and agendas here.

Lost & Found Donation

Lost and Found items will be donated on October 10. Please check the Lost and Found items before this date!

October is PTA Membership Month!

KSPTA connects parents, teachers and administrators, and supports school needs.

100% of the funds raised are used to fund school programs & activities, which have historically included:

  • Teacher stipends for supplies
  • After-school sports at Kent
  • Mr. S dance class for Kindergarten classes
  • Purchase of library books
  • P.E. equipment
  • Performing arts programs
  • Technology programs & computer equipment
  • Woodshop materials at Kent
  • Music program materials & instruments
  • Annual grant program

Member Perks

A PTA membership means you’re not only supporting our schools, but getting some sweet perks as well. Find discounts on LegoLand, Urban Sitter, Hertz Car Rentals, Academy of Sciences and more! Learn more.

Choose from three types of memberships and join us today!

Bacich Grade-Level Family Socials

Let's Talk Series: Just Say No

October 6, 2022, 7 p.m. PST (note date change from 10/5 to 10/6)
In the first community discussion of 2022-23, we’ll discuss what to know about today's current drug trends among local youth.

In the first community discussion of 2022-2023, we’ll discuss what to know about today's current drug trends among local youth.

Sponsored by Marin Healthy Youth Partnerships.

What Do You Say? Talking with Kids to Build Motivation, Stress Tolerance, and a Happy Home

Wednesday, October 12, 2022 7-8:30 p.m. PST, Zoom Link

Join Dr. William Stixrud and Ned Johnson, authors of the national best-seller, The Self-Driven Child, as they will discuss their new book What Do You Say? Talking with Kids to Build Motivation, Stress Tolerance, and a Happy Home. The focus of their presentation will be how to communicate with kids in a way that supports the autonomy and self-drive that are so important for healthy development.

Co-Sponsored by Marin Country Day School, Kentfield School District and Ross Valley School District

There are many different opportunities to volunteer during school hours and for before and after-school community events. Please see the links below to discover KSPTA volunteer opportunities. Please complete the form for the opportunities that interest you, and a KSPTA committee representative will be in touch, thank you!

Kent Volunteer Opportunities

Bacich School Wide Volunteer Opportunities

Bacich Lead Room Parents/Art for Bears Coordinators/ Carline Coordinators

Stay up to date with KSPTA!

Follow kentfieldschoolspta on both Facebook and Instagram

Community News

Information, events, and news provided in our newsletter's "Community News" is offered as service to our community, and are not sponsored by the Kentfield School District. Placement does not represent an endorsement.

D.C. Trip

8th grade families! The registration deadline for the Washington, D.C. Trip is Wednesday, November 30. You can use the following link to sign up!

Parent Education Opportunity

Marin County SELPA Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) is hosting several different workshops this fall specifically for parents.

All workshops are free, translation services are available, and registration is required.

Engaging in Challenging Conversations

The successful implementation of IDEA and the determination of FAPE requires adults with diverse experience, expertise, and perspective to collaborate in serve of children with special needs. This is complex work and requires conversations of shared learning. In this workshop, we will introduce key concepts, process, and skills in support of these conversations and that are applicable to all relationships. This is an 8-part online course with a focus of increasing individuals capacity for engaging in conflict. Attendees will participate in four (4) online courses coupled with four (4) coaching sessions.

Dates: Online courses – October 6, October 20, November 3, and November 17 ; Coaching sessions: October 10, October 24, November 7, and November 21.

View flyer

Register here

Registration Opening Soon!

November 1 - December 16: Registration Open

KGS is non-profit organization - completely run by parent & community VOLUNTEERS.

  • For all girls ages 5-15.
  • Kentfield, Greenbrae, Ross & North Larkspur.
  • Season runs from March through the end of May.
  • All games are in Marin (except 15U have some in San Francisco).
  • All home games are at Kent. 
  • Coaches are parents and community volunteers.

Learn more at

What's happening at the Corte Madera Library this fall?

Corte Madera Community StoryWalk®!

Read a story together as you enjoy a walk through town. A StoryWalk® is a fun, family-friendly, outdoor activity, where pages of a book are placed along a walking route. Each stop along the way displays one page of the book.

Pick up a route guide from the branch or visit us online at

Weekly Crafternoons and a once-monthly Lego Club on Thursdays 3:30 p.m. for ages 5-12.

We hope to see you soon!

View flyer

Homework Helpers

The Homework Helpers program, created and run by high school interns and the Marin County Free library, is offering a free “homework help” program for English Learners and underserved students at the Corte Madera library.

Here’s the link to sign up (English and Spanish)

Throughout the school year, every Saturday from 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. Students are encouraged to sign up for specific time slots and communicate what they need help with. This is an excellent opportunity for students and families to get extra help, outside of school, from local high school students!

Safe Routes to School Contest

Buddy UP is a new contest to get students to walk (park and walk), bike, carpool or ride the bus together. Now through October 31, sign up your group of two or more students from neighboring families to travel to or from school. Tell us your success story!

Habits are more likely to stick when families support each other. There’s safety in numbers and groups are more easily seen by drivers. Best of all, friendships and fun memories are formed! There will be a $50 award for 5 winning groups. Notifications will be sent out in early November.

Learn more at:

Questions? Contact

Crisis Text Support Line

Marin County is offering our youth another means of confidential mental health support through a crisis text line that is available 24/7.

Text MARIN to 741741 for Support that Cares.

Marin Health Hubs

Health hubs, provides free and bilingual services such as food distribution, nutrition education, health screenings, and information about community organizations. Everyone is welcome to attend the health hubs food pantry and to help us run it!

Parent & Youth.Helpline

This free helpline provides free trauma-informed, evidenced-based emotional support to parents, children and youth in any language via calls, text, live chat, and email.

  • Available 7 days a week from 8 a.m.-8 p.m.
  • Parents can join a Weekly Online Support Group through the website:
  • Helpline #: 855-427-2736