August 31 2020

Dear Kentfield School District Community,

As we prepared for this week’s Back to School Night virtual events, I thought it might be good to offer more insight into our planning and design of our current program implementation.

From late June to our launch of the new school year staff and administration collectively reflected on our experience from spring’s distance learning as well as stakeholder feedback to inform our approach to the new school year. We researched and learned about various distance learning and hybrid models being designed and implemented by neighboring public school districts as well as parochial, private, and independent schools. As we reflected on our learning we also continued to educate ourselves on new state legislation and the shifting public health guidance from our local and state officials.

As we sorted all of this information the phrase “continuity of learning” guided our thinking as it reminded us of the need to create a program that was nimble enough to transition in and out of instructional modalities while maintaining a robust teaching and learning program for our students. Our intent was to create a safe student-centered program, which optimized core academics and addressed social emotional well-being while being fluid enough to adjust as the landscape of COVID-19 evolved. We have all watched as the state and national direction around this pandemic continues to shift validating our need to design a program that can pivot at a moment's notice.

Although our program may look different from some of our neighboring schools, it does offer our students a higher level of interaction with teachers, a longer in-person day when the option is permissible and prioritizes integration of subject matter to increase meaning and connection with students. These aspects demonstrate the high quality program our staff are putting forth for our children.

To read more about our planning please reference our KSD 2020-2021 Dynamic School Guide and watch this brief message from me about our planning and next steps for our schools and District!


Superintendent Signature

Raquel Rose