February 22, 2021

Dear Kentfield School District Community,

The 2020-2021 academic year began with KSD teachers, support staff and administrators charged with redesigning the school experience in the face of an ongoing global pandemic. In a time of uncertainty — the staff jumped into the unknown to employ new instructional strategies, engage students, and adjust instruction based on observation and student outcomes. During the course of the year the KSD moved from Distance Learning only to Hybrid instruction, and we are now planning forward for a Full In-Person instructional program. As staff navigated these varied instructional approaches our students and families did their best to support this new way of learning. Let’s honor and appreciate how we all ventured through these obstacles while our environment continued to shift and present us with new information and data.

As months passed, comments were made grounded in emotion and at times statements did not always reflect our core values of respect, collaboration, and perseverance. Let’s rise above the discord and focus on leveraging the assets of the KSD — community, trust, and relationships. We must rebuild what has broken down during this pandemic and work together with a collective interest in doing what is best for the students and staff that make up the Kentfield School District.

We are at a pivotal point in which positive traction is being made. As students continue to engage in Hybrid Instruction, our site administrators, teachers, and support staff have come together in work groups to design and propose adjustments to Hybrid Instruction and a schedule for Full In-Person learning. A percentage of our staff have been vaccinated, and more vaccination opportunities are approaching. Case rates in Marin County are decreasing and Marin is projected to move to a less restrictive tier this week. All of these positive steps demonstrate the common commitment and interest to safely get us back to a more traditional way of providing school.

Our next steps in moving forward include a parent/guardian survey, KSD-KTA negotiators to meet to determine a mutually agreed upon timeline to expand instructional programming, and honoring the work being done to support the KSD school community. Let’s trust the process to move ourselves forward and unite together with a commitment towards positive outcomes for our students.

With Respect,

Superintendent Signature

Raquel Rose