October 14, 2020

Dear KSD Community,

Thank you for the communications and feedback received over the last number of days. We continue to respect and value each and every staff and community member, and are using this time to gather the necessary data to support a plan forward. I am sorry for any division between staff and parents/guardians in the community, and I would like to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of each member of the KSD education team.

In order to provide additional time for parents/guardians to consider the two options available for their student’s education during the 2020-21 school year we are making the following adjustments:

  • The due date of the Intent to Return Form (access below) has been extended to Wednesday, October 21st. This extension will give parents/guardians/students the opportunity to explore which option may be best for their family. 
  • Either option chosen by parents/guardians/students – Hybrid or Distance Learning only, will align to your child(ren)’s trimester calendar, and not be a commitment for the remainder of the school year.
    KSD Trimester Calendar:  Tri. 1:  8/25 to 11/24; Tri. 2: 11/30-3/12; Tri. 3:  3/15 to 6/11 
  • If you have already submitted your Intent to Return Form and would like to adjust your response, you can reply to THIS FORM
  • On Friday, Oct. 16, staff will further debrief the current pilots to help inform program design and inform next steps for the school district. 

To better understand the two learning options available, we encourage you to reference the following resources:

  • SSSPP recording highlighting the 30-Point Plan to a Return to Site Based Instruction for Bacich and Kent.
  • On Thursday, Oct. 15 at 5pm, join a KSD Community Conversation with Local Physicians & Administrators - A Perspective of In-Person Instruction in a COVID-19 Environment   Submit Questions for this forum in advance in English or Spanish (Webinar Link Below)

In closing, the board has asked board labor representative negotiators, Sarah Killingsworth and Quoc Tran, to join the KSD administrators and KTA Negotiators this Friday to support a positive outcome for our school community.

Superintendent Signature

Raquel Rose