October 29, 2020

Dear Kentfield School District Community,

Thank you for everyone’s patience as we continue to work together with Kentfield Teacher Association (KTA) to determine a schedule to safely open our schools for in-person instruction.  We feel it is our obligation to offer school based instruction, particularly since this week Marin just progressed to a State Tier 3 “moderate level” COVID-19 status.

Yesterday, October 28th, KSD and KTA negotiators, including Board Representatives, Quoc Tran and Sarah Killingsworth, met to further discuss a transition to Hybrid Instruction and other terms of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the 2020-21 school year.  A tentative agreement was reached, and specific information related to the schedule will be provided in Monday’s Newsletter, following KTA’s membership vote.  Further details about the Hybrid Program are below, but please note for planning purposes students will not transition to Hybrid Instruction on Monday, November 2nd.  

Hybrid Instructional Program

This week, site administrators, Mary Ann Spitzer, Grant Althouse and Wendy Holmes hosted Principal chats for Bacich and Kent.  The events provided more information about safety protocols on our school sites, as well as the design of the Hybrid Instructional Program.  If you missed the live presentations, you can access the recordings here - Bacich or Kent.  

The Hybrid schedule at both Bacich and Kent  will be one week in-person and one week distance learning.  The instruction will happen in a simultaneous approach with students at home and those at school.  We are planning for students to remain with their current assigned teacher/s, regardless if they are in the Distance Learning or the Hybrid Instructional Program.

Halloween and Día de los Muertos

As we close out the month, two popular fall holidays are just days away, Halloween and Día de Los Muertos.

While celebrating these holidays, let’s remember that we are one community and are dependent on one another to continue improving our local conditions with the pandemic.  Although we may miss the traditional activities of these special holidays, we can engage in new traditions recommended by Marin Health and Human Services (English - Spanish) to keep us all safe. Let’s continue doing our part as a collective and refrain from large gatherings; wear face coverings; maintain social distancing;  and wash our hands frequently as these strategies will keep us all safer during this health pandemic and continue to help lift restrictions in our County.

Take Good Care,

Superintendent Signature

Raquel Rose