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KSD Vaccination Rates 10-01-2021

The Kentfield School District is following protocols from the Marin County Office of Education and the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services for scenarios and actions related to COVID-19 exposures and cases.

The Marin Schools Public Health COVID-19 Exposure Protocols for various scenarios can be found HERE. We recognize the situation with COVID-19 continues to adjust, thus KSD will update processes and procedures accordingly. Please reference the Marin County Decision Tree for additional guidance. To reference exposure cases for the KSD visit our KSD Dashboard webpage.

ESSER Approved Expenditure Plan and Return to School Certification - Board approved October 12, 2021

Marin Public Health New School Status Dashboard

An updated schools dashboard was unveiled on September 3, and differentiates between schools that have fully reopened to in-person instruction, schools that are closed for operation reasons (power outage, etc.), and schools which are closed due to an outbreak.

Update, October 7, 2021

The start of October continues to bring new updates and shifts related to the COVID-19 mitigation strategies. On October 1 Governor Newsom announced that once full approval is granted by the FDA, the COVID-19 vaccine will be a required school immunization for students. Once students are required to have the COVID-19 vaccine so will all school staff. Currently staff must be fully vaccinated or test on a weekly basis and submit a negative COVID test. Click HERE for KSD vaccination data.

Additionally, Marin County Public Health plans to update the 32-Point Plan for School Operations based on the shift in the Marin Mitigation Strategy Continuum from “C” to “B”. The most significant updates to the 32-Point Plan include:
Large Gatherings:
Large gatherings are allowed indoors or outdoors. For indoor events with 1,000 or more people, attendees must provide proof of vaccination or have proof of a negative COVID-19 test completed within 72 hours of the scheduled event. Attendees cannot self-attest to verify vaccination status or negative test results.

Face Coverings:
All staff as well as all students are required to wear face coverings indoors, unless there is a medical or behavioral contraindication or exemption. Students from grades TK - 2 should be supported and taught how to wear masks properly. Masks are optional outdoors and, in general, people do not need to wear masks when outdoors (e.g. participating in outdoor play, recess, and physical education activities). Staff and students should follow CDPHand CDC face covering guidance.

Based on this guidance the KSD will no longer require outdoor masking effective Monday, Oct. 11th. Students, staff and volunteers are still required to mask indoors at all times. Masking outdoors will be optional.

Upcoming Public Health Meetings

Public Health Forums

Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 6 p.m.
Public Health and Pediatrician Speaker Panel for Parents and Guardians

Vaccine Verification

Vaccine Verification

In alignment with Public Health guideline #30, the KSD is requesting vaccination verification of all students who have received the COVID-19 vaccine.

  • Parents/Guardians may submit verification digitally HERE.

The KSD staff will be proactively confirming vaccination to publicly post KSD’s student COVID vaccine rate no later than October 1, 2021. Please note that no personal identifiable information will be shared.


Frequently Asked Questions updated August 20, 2021

To submit additional questions please click HERE

The KSD continues to support and implement the guidance urged by our local public health in order to maintain continuity of in person learning for our students. This new Delta Variant is a challenge for all of us, and following the key safety mitigation strategies will be essential in keeping our schools open for in-person instruction.

Safety Measures for K-12 Schools Highlights, updated August 20, 2021

Vaccination Verification for Staff and Students
CDPH has recommended collection of COVID-19 vaccination verification for staff and students. School Districts will be required to post COVID-19 vaccination rates of staff and students on their website and update as necessary. Staff who do not verify vaccination status will be required to be tested weekly.

Vaccination Verification for Volunteers
All volunteers working with students must be vaccinated. In order to begin collecting this information please complete this questionnaire so the KSD may proactively verify vaccination status of parent/guardian volunteers.

Per Marin County School Guideline #30 all staff and all students are required to wear face coverings indoors and outdoors, unless there is a medical or behavioral contraindication or exemption. The KSD will follow the Marin County Public Health recommendation for school districts to require universal masking indoors and outdoors on school campuses.Visitors and volunteers will also be required to wear masks indoors and outdoors on campus. As Marin County Public Health guidance adjusts, we will continue to re-evaluate what is best for our schools.

Travel Quarantine
Unvaccinated students and staff should quarantine for 7 days and be tested on day 5 after out of state and/or international travel. Vaccinated students and staff shall monitor for symptoms for 14 days and get tested 3-5 days after return from out of state and/or international travel.

Student Mixing
Stable groups are not required at this time. Students will be able to mix with their school peers similar to pre-COVID operations.

Daily Health Screening
Staff and Parents, Caregivers and/or Guardians of students shall administer a self-assessed daily symptom screening.

Non Essential Visitors and Volunteers
Non-essential visitors, including parent volunteers will be limited. Essential workers will be required to adhere to all health and safety guidelines. Any substitutes, contractors, visitors or volunteers working directly with students should be fully
vaccinated and will be required to mask indoors and outdoors.

Air Quality Guidance
As fire season continues and air quality varies the KSD will follow public health Air Quality Guidance for School Activities.

Public Health Resources

Marin Public Health Updates

California State Information

California's Safe Schools for All Plan provides the support and accountability to establish a clear path to minimize in-school transmissions and enable, first, a phased return to in-person instruction, and then ongoing safe in-person instruction.

The Safe Schools For All Hub consolidates key resources and information related to COVID-19 and schools. New resources will be added to the Hub on a routine basis.

California Reopens

Resources for Families

Social Emotional Support

The Bacich and Kent counselors have created documents to support the emotional needs of students and families during the closure:

In partnership with Governor Newsom, Parents Anonymous® Inc. recently launched the California Parent & Youth Helpline and Online Parents Anonymous® Support Groups in response to the Coronavirus to provide free trauma-informed, evidenced-based emotional support to Parents, Children and Youth in any language via calls, text, live chat, and email.

  • The California Parents & Youth Helpline operates 7 days a week from 8 a.m.-8: p.m.
  • Parents can Join a Weekly Online Support Group NOW through the website: In this confidential setting, Parents address their underlying emotions and build resiliency to strengthen their family.

Parent Education Series Webinars

Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Series and the Marin County Office of Education offered a webinar series throughout the 2020-2021 academic year focusing on mental health and wellness in the home.