COVID-19 Dashboard FAQ

HERE is the exposure protocol for grades 3-12 and HERE is the protocol for grade TK-2 from the county we are following.

1. What information may be shared in the chart?

The chart shares all KSD Scenario 2, 3, and 4 cases/exposures, in our district, broken down by site. School-based transmission is reported as a total for the district, not for individual sites.

We may not release information that may violate privacy related to individuals who have been involved in school-based transmissions. However, Public Health has permitted us to share the number of overall transmissions, and so we feel it is important to still note school-based transmissions that occur in KSD district beyond the county-wide data that is continually updated.

2. What protocols are being followed in KSD for exposures and cases?

The Kentfield School District is following protocols from the Marin County Office of Education and the Marin County Department of Health and Human Services for scenarios and actions related to COVID-19 exposures and cases.

3. How should I report a case in my family?

Please contact your school site Principal and/or office to report a Scenario 2, 3, or 4.

4. How are families notified?

In alignment with Public Health guidance, all Scenario 2, 3, and 4 notifications will be made directly to individuals affected. Cases that potentially impact individuals' health and wellness at our schools or offices will be reported, as determined by Public Health. Individuals may be in contact with others outside our schools, so continue to monitor Public Health updates for community information. All cases are self-reported. Please contact your Principal and/or office to report a case Scenario 2, 3, or 4.

5. How are families notified?

The dashboard is updated upon confirmation with the family of a close contact case (Scenario 2), positive case (Scenario 3) , or negative test case after symptoms or confirmed close contact (Scenario 4).

6. If a student or staff member gets a positive result on a weekend or during a holiday break, will this be reported on the dashboard if the student or staff member attended in-person in the previous 14 days?

KSD will report positive cases that come in on a weekend or holiday if a student or staff member attended in-person within 2 days of symptoms or 2 days of a positive test result.

7. Which Scenario 2 cases are posted on the dashboard?

There has been no change in reporting Scenario 2 cases. Often there is a Scenario 2 preceding a Scenario 3, but not always. Sometimes a student/staff member tests positive without a case at home first, so there would be just a Scenario 3 posted without a preceding Scenario 2.

8. What is the process to determine if a positive case was due to an in-school transmission? Who does this?

This is done completely by the county. They contact the families directly and go through their contacts to trace back to the potential exposure. Even with this process, KSD in-school transmissions have been deemed "suspected" because it is difficult to be sure of the source. There is no mandatory testing of the cohort after a positive test, but everyone is told to quarantine for 10 days. The quarantine is 10 days regardless of whether students/staff get a negative test before the end of the 10 days.

9. How would posting the location of an in-school transmission provide information that would reveal the identity of the positive student or staff member?

County public health has directed that posting the school location would violate privacy.

10. How does KSD ensure that parents will report positive cases of students or a household member?

Parents are required to fill in the health screening prior to sending students to school each day, and they are required to report a positive test of a student or household member in this screening.

11. Where can I find countywide COVID-19 exposure and case data for schools?