Missing Child Protocol

When a student is reported missing before, during, or after the school day, the following procedures will be used by the administrator or designated person(s) who has received the missing child report:

  1. The school office staff, administration and all available staff will:
  • Use the intercom to check the school grounds, classrooms and the last known location of the student.
  • Determine the route the student uses to get to and from school. If they are a walker, contact crosswalk and supervision staff to determine if they were seen walking.
  • Check with the classroom teacher, and any other appropriate staff to determine the last time they were seen, and if they mentioned anything unusual about their plans.
  • Check restrooms, classrooms, meeting rooms and school grounds.
  • Contact known siblings or friends of the student (including neighbors, classmates, etc.) to determine the last time the student was seen and if they mentioned anything about where they were going.
  • Contacts the parent or guardian and other emergency contacts to determine if family members or friends may have picked up the child and inform them of the situation.
  1. After a maximum of 5 minutes from the time of the initial missing child report was made, the school office staff will:
  • Call 911 (Marin County Sheriff) to notify local law enforcement.
  • log time called and name of person to whom they spoke.
  • provide student information profile sheet with picture for law enforcement.

*If the child involved has special needs (particularly those who are assigned extra supervision), or staff is given any indicators that the child has run away, been abducted, or has been left in an unsafe location; staff is to notify law enforcement IMMEDIATELY and begin the initial check of the school.