Emergencies and Safety

At the Kentfield School District we take the safety and security of every child very seriously. The staff at the District Office, Bacich Elementary School, and Kent Middle School are trained in CPR and first aid annually. In addition, every fall with the collaboration of the local fire and sheriff departments, we practice an emergency simulation in order to stay current in disaster preparedness. This simulation includes staff and students. We conduct monthly safety drills in order to prepare the children as well as the adults in the event of an emergency such as fire, earthquake, or an intruder on campus. Over the past several years, we have worked closely with our School Resource Officer and other representatives from the Marin County Sheriff Department to devise lockdown plans that will keep our students safe in the event of an emergency or when there is an immediate danger anywhere on our campuses. Our Safety Committee meets 3-4 times per year to discuss safety and security issues in our district.

Emergency Student Release Process

Safety Protocols and Resources