Aeries Parent Portal

The Parent Portal can be accessed through the following link:

Aeries Parent Portal

Aeries is our new Student Information System this year, replacing PowerSchool. The Aeries Parent Portal will allow you to check your student's grades and attendance online, view and update your student and family's information, select your district communication preferences, and sign up for weekly email updates on your student's progress at school.

If you have any difficulty signing in or using Aeries, please send an email to

Accessing the Aeries Parent Portal for the First Time

You should have received an email from the District with the email address and password you'll use to access Aeries for the first time. Write down this information, then visit the Aeries Parent Portal. After you sign in, you may create a new password if desired.

Updating your Email Address or Password

Once you log in to the Aeries Parent Portal, clicking on your email address in the upper right-hand corner will reveal a dropdown menu from which you can choose to change your Password or Email Address.

Aeries parent portal change email or password menu

Weekly Progress Emails

Aeries has a feature where you can subscribe to weekly progress emails from within the Aeries Parent Portal containing up to date attendance and gradebook information. The information contained in this email is the same information that is available through the parent portal.

When you log into the parent portal, you will see a banner prompting you to sign up for weekly progress emails if you have not already done so.

An option labeled Parent Notification Preferences will also display in the drop-down menu when you click on your username in the upper right-hand corner. This allows you to sign up for weekly progress report emails for a preferred day and time and adjust your notification preferences at any time.

Student Data Confirmation

When you sign in you may see a yellow or red alert at the top of the page, asking you to complete the Student Data Confirmation Process; this message will always appear before the start of a new school year and will remain until you complete this process. You be able to access other parts of the parent portal only after data confirmation has been completed. Please follow the link in this message to complete Data Confirmation.

A screenshot showing the Student Data Confirmation alert at the top of the Aeries Parent Portal page.

Student Data Confirmation is an annual process, and is a vital part of ensuring that we have all the information we need to keep your child safe in the event of an emergency.

If you have more than one student in the District, you will need to complete Student Data Confirmation for each student separately.

Click the Change Student button at the top of the page to choose a different student to complete the process again.

After signing in to the Parent Portal, scroll down to the section marked Resources for a link to the Kentfield website, help documents pertaining to the Aeries Communications system and app, and other resources as they become available.

Please note that you will only see the link relevant to the student record you are currently viewing - if you have students at both schools, you will need to switch students to view school-specific links.