2024-2025 Fall Planning Information

In January of each year our administrative team begins Fall Planning where we review our current student enrollment and anticipate the number of classes for the subsequent school year. Kindergarten is typically our most dynamic grade level as the number of enrollees can fluctuate from year to year. During this review process we must look across our school district - Bacich and Kent, to account for all classes so we can adjust staffing accordingly. If we determine a decrease in classes due to enrollment, we must give preliminary notification to staff that will be reduced/laid off by March 15th, final notification for a reduction in staff must be no later than May 15th.

Principles used to Determine Class Size

Class size for grades UTK - 5th is based on California Department of Education (CDE) guidance and our collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with our teachers. Our administrative team follows these parameters when projecting staffing needs and will adjust as needed.

Grade Levels Average Class Ratios
Universal Transitional Kindergarten 12 to 1 student to adult ratio
Kindergarten, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades 25 to 1 student to adult ratio
1st grade 22 to 1 student to adult ratio

If the class enrollment exceeds two above the established ratio the administration will meet with the classroom teacher to alleviate the situation.

Projected* 2024-2025 Classrooms for Grades UTK - 5th

Below is a chart that outlines the number of projected classrooms per grade level for the 2024-2025 school year. This information aligns with KSD’s class size guiding principles in which grades K, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th will maintain a ratio of 1:25 student to adult ratio and 1st grade 1:22 student to adult ratio.

Grade Levels Projected* Number of Classes
Universal Transitional Kindergarten 1 (AM Class - 3 hr. program)
Kindergarten 3 Classrooms
1st grade 5 Classrooms
2nd grade 5 Classrooms
3rd grade 4 Classrooms
4th grade 5 Classrooms
5th grade 4 Classrooms

*Number of classes is subject to adjustment based on enrollment shifts.

Our goal at KSD is to offer our students an optimal learning environment where they feel seen and where their academic and social emotional needs are met. We must do this within the parameters we have as a system and we must be able to adjust and be nimble as needed. This FAQ is available to offer more information and guidance related to Fall Planning.

We thank you for your support and partnership as we continue to do our very best to support our KSD schools.