Are you interested in learning more about the KSD Operations? If so, please join one or more of our KSD Board Committees. Committees typically meet three to four times a year and offer advice on issues ranging from communications, equity and inclusion, safety, finance, and technology. To join or get more information email

Communication Committee

Purpose: To implement communication goal from Strategic Plan, and advise the Board and staff on District communications. Activities may include assessing the effectiveness of communication tools and researching alternatives.

Meetings in 23-24: All meetings at 4 pm

September 20

November 29

February 14

April 24

Equity & Inclusion Committee

Purpose: Develop a plan to increase equity and inclusion practices across the District.

Meetings in 23-24: All meetings at 4 pm

September 19

November 28

January 23

March 19

Finance Committee

Purpose: Communicate current District and State financial picture. Contribute to fiscal solvency of District.

Meetings in 23-24: All meetings at 4pm

October 24

January 16

April 30

Safety Committee

Purpose: Implement safe school plans, emergency preparation, and injury and illness prevention programs.

Meetings in 23-24: All meetings at 9 am

September 13

February 8

May 15

Technology Committee

Purpose: Determine a comprehensive district wide technology plan with measurable student outcomes per grade level.

Meetings in 23-24: TBD

Citizens Oversight Committee - Measure D

Purpose: The Citizens' Oversight Committee monitors and audits the District's Measure D bond expenditures.

More Information

Meetings in 23-24: TBD

DELAC Committee

Purpose: The District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) is a group of administrators, teachers, staff, and parents that meet regularly to advise the district and provide recommendations on English language learner programs, services, and policies.

Meetings in 23-24: All meetings at 5pm, except where noted below

September 5

October 24

December 5, Reclassification Ceremony, 6pm

February 6

March 26

May 7

LCAP Advisory Committee

Purpose: Advise on Kentfield School District's Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

More Information

Meetings in 23-24: All meetings at 4 pm

November 27

January 29

February 26

March 25

April 22

May 13