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January 24th, 2019

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Applications for Board of Trustees Open Seat - due Friday, 1/25/2019 by noon

Incoming 7th Grade Families - Tdap Vaccine Proof due by Friday, 1/25/2019

Attention Sixth Grade Parents - Tdap Requirement

  • Tdap vaccine proof due by January 25, 2019

Your child will need to provide proof that he/she has received the Tdap vaccine as a requirement for entrance to seventh grade. This Tdap booster is an additional requirement to the five doses of DTaP that were needed for kindergarten. It is important to note that students who do not provide the updated proof of immunizations will be unable to register for seventh grade enrichment classes.

Attention Third-Eighth Grade Families - Student Survey Information

Attention Eighth Grade Parents

Upcoming Safe Routes Walk & Roll Days

  • January 30, 2019: Visit the Walk & Roll Welcome table to pick up your sticker or trinket for walking, biking, and carpooling to school.

Safe Routes is starting a Wednesday Walk and Roll to School Day welcome table. Please sign up to host the table and hand out “trinkets” to the kids who walk or carpool to school.

Technology and Innovation Programs Workshop at the February 12, 2019 Board Meeting - 4-5 p.m.

  • Join the Board of Trustees to learn more about technology and innovation in our district.
  • The regular board meeting will begin at 5 p.m.

Caring For Our Community

Please make sure that in your travels to and from our campuses you display good citizenship and neighborliness. A recent visit from a Bacich neighbor who came with photos of his side yard full of litter and trash from people passing by prompted this reminder. While no one thinks our students or families are intentionally dumping their papers, cans, and bottles in our neighborhood, individual pieces of trash add up and create a real eyesore and problem for the homeowner whose yard is impacted. Living near a school can be challenging in the best of times. When that school is under construction, the limits of patience can be tested. We don't want to add to the stress with careless littering.

New Website Feature

KSD Website Search Toolbar

A search function can now be found on the top right corner of the Kentfield, Bacich, and Kent websites. Thank you to Andrew Korff, the district's Technology Director for creating a custom search capability for the websites.

Upcoming Events

Friday, January 25, 2019:

Monday, January 28, 2019

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

  • Fifth Grade Band - Winter Concert, 7-8 p.m., Kent MP Room

Wednesday, January 30, 2019:

Thursday, January 31, 2019

  • 6th Grade and 0 period Choirs - Winter Concert, 7-8 p.m., Kent MP Room

Friday, February 1, 2019

  • Kindergarten Registration Opens

Saturday, February 2, 2019

  • KSPTA Lunar New Year Celebration, 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m., event information and volunteer sign-up
  • Marin Music Educator’s Association Middle School Honor Concert, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Save the Date:

  • Monday, February 4, 2019: Bacich Site Council, 3-4 p.m., Bacich Library
  • Tuesday, February 5, 2019:
  • Wednesday, February 6, 2019:
    • Bacich ELAC meeting, 8-9 a.m., Bacich Portable 1
    • Pizza fundraiser for 8th grade graduation after school sale in front of the Kent Library, 1:15-2 p.m. $5 for a slice, drink, and cookie.
  • Thursday, February 7, 2019: Special Board Meeting for Trustee Applicant Interviews during open session
  • Monday, February 11, 2019: Communications Committee, 1-2 p.m., District Office
  • Friday, February 15, 2019: Fourth Grade Rancho Day for students. Volunteer information will soon be available.
  • Thursday, February 28, 2019: Third Grade Concert, 6:30–7:30 p.m., Bacich Community Center

District News

Superintendent Schott, pictured outside.

Dear Kentfield Community,

Longtime Trustee Juli Kauffman recently resigned her position on the School Board. Thirteen years in a volunteer position is a very long time, and the district owes Juli and her two recently retired colleagues Cynthia Roenisch and Ashley Paff a huge debt of gratitude.

These are her farewell remarks:

Kauffman and associates.jpg

My husband Scott and I moved to Greenbrae in 2002 in order for our children to attend the Kentfield School District. Our daughter Sophia was entering Kindergarten and Scott and I excitedly attended our first KSD event, the annual Kindergarten Social. Before we walked in, Scott pulled me aside and begged me not to volunteer for anything, to wait and settle in. Imagine his surprise when by the end of the evening I had joined the campaign committee to renew the District parcel tax. So began my involvement in the KSD.

I was elected to the Kentfield School Board in 2005. During my first term I was mentored by Anna Pilloton and Bob Goldman, two veteran trustees who served multiple terms well beyond having children in the District. I learned the art of governance and the very important yet limited role a school board trustee plays. While its decisions may impact classrooms, campuses, teacher interactions and more, a board should limit its focus to the big picture – including hiring a superintendent, setting strategic goals, and defining policy. This is the cornerstone of a strong school board.

The opportunity to be deeply involved in our schools and our community has been meaningful and fulfilling. I confess that I have gained far more than I have given. I am grateful to our community for supporting and valuing the perspectives of trustees like myself and my recently retired colleagues Ashley Paff and Cynthia Roenisch who no longer had children attending our schools. Indeed we all benefit from a broader view as over 70% of our community does not have children attending our schools.

When I first campaigned for a seat on our School Board in 2005 my tag line was Quality Education First. I focused on our outstanding program designed to deliver a comprehensive foundation to our children. During my 13 years of service, I worked with ten dedicated trustees and three remarkable superintendents. I am honored for the trust and confidence of my colleagues who elected me to serve as Board president for the past eight years.

I am deeply grateful to our extraordinary and dedicated teachers, some of whom taught my children. I respect and appreciate the contributions from our principals, our entire administrative team and from our classified staff. I celebrate the thousands of students who have attended our schools. I am confident that they received a strong foundation and a love of learning. I could not ask for anything more.

I end where I began, grateful for the support and love I had every step of the way from my husband and my children.

Juli Kauffman

YouthTruth Student Survey - Third-Eighth Grade Families

The Kentfield School District is asking your child in third through eighth grade to participate in the YouthTruth Student Survey in the coming weeks. The YouthTruth Student Survey is a nationally recognized survey used in hundreds of schools and districts across the country, surveying hundreds of thousands of students. The survey asks students about their experiences in the school and with their teachers, including how engaged they are at school, the rigor of their coursework, and their preparedness for the future. Our school, other schools, and researchers may use such information for developing plans to help schools and teachers improve. For information about this survey, please visit and our district's website on the survey.

  • Although we would like to hear from all students in third through eighth grade, participation in this survey is voluntary.
  • Your child’s ratings will not be identified in any reports because results are shared at the group level. Personally identifiable information will not be released to any third party.

Please be aware that under federal law, you have the right to review a copy of the questions asked of your child. A copy of the survey has been attached. Please note the attachment includes questions for elementary, middle, and high school students. Third, fourth, and fifth graders will be given the elementary age questions and sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will receive the middle school questions.

  • Please note: the newsletter on 1/24/2019 incorrectly stated that fifth graders would be given the middle school survey. These students will receive the elementary school survey.

Please complete the attached form if you would like your child to be excluded from the survey. This exclusion form is also available in the Bacich School office.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Superintendent Liz School, Bacich Assistant Principal Methinee Bozeman, or Kent Assistant Principal Jenny Walsh.

School Board

Board of Trustees Open Seat Information

  • Applications due to the District Office by noon on Friday, January 25, 2019.
  • Interviews will be during open session of a special board meeting on February 7, 2019 at 4 p.m. at the District Office.

Download applicant packet here.

School Board Information

Special Board Meeting for Board of Trustees Open Seat Interviews : February 7, 2019, 4 p.m.

Next Regular Meeting: February 12, 2019

Technology and Innovation Programs highlighted at February Board Meeting - 4:00- 5:00 p.m.

  • Join the Board of Trustees to learn more about technology and innovation in our district from 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.
  • Regular meeting: 5 p.m. in the District Office.
  • The Agenda will be posted by 5 p.m. the Friday before the meeting.

District Committees

Safety Committee Meeting

  • Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 9-10 a.m., District Office

Citizens' Oversight Committee Meeting

  • Wednesday, January 30, 2019, 5-6 p.m., District Office

Parent Partners Meeting

  • Tuesday, February 5, 2019 9–11 a.m., District Office

Communications Committee Meeting

  • Monday, February 11, 2019, 1-2 p.m., District Office

English Language Advisory Committee Update

On January 9, 2019, we held our first English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) meeting at Bacich with 20 people in attendance. The topics covered were how to help English learner students at home, our new website, and Aeries help.

  • We will be hosting our next Bacich ELAC meeting on February 6, 2019 from 8-9 a.m. in Bacich Portable 1. The meeting with cover an Aeries tour, Kindergarten registration, and other topics.

On January 17, 2019, we held a District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) meeting with 15 people in attendance. We covered topics such as the summative ELPAC assessment, a reclassification ceremony, our new website (, and possible election of board members.

  • Our next DELAC meeting will be on March 21, 2019 from 5:45-7 p.m. at the district office. We will cover topics such as roles of DELAC and ELAC, next year's future meeting dates, and agenda items.

English Language Learner Resources

Bacich News

Dear Parents,

During the past few weeks, many of our students have learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his remarkable life, his leadership, and his dreams for a more just and peaceful world. Our teachers and students have been reading and writing about Dr. King; his historical influence and the important role he has played in our country.

Related to our discussions on Dr. King, our second graders challenged their fellow Bacich students to fold 1,000 paper origami cranes to represent our school’s wish for a peaceful and caring country and world.

The second graders have reminded us of the importance of listening to one another and opening our hearts and minds to differing opinions and points of view. They have shared how we must stand together for peace and stand up for those individuals who may not have a voice.

In our all-school assembly, last Friday morning, we celebrated the culmination of this meaningful paper crane project. At the entrance to the Bacich Community Center hang 1,440 paper cranes made by the students over the past month. They will hang in this spot for a few weeks to remind us of the courage, tolerance, and kindness we want to encourage in our world. We invite you to come by, admire the hard work of our students, and make your own wish for peace.

Thank you,

Sally Peck
Bacich Principal

Bacich Announcements

Third and fourth graders may take the District's YouthTruth Student Survey. Please read the District's newsletter section for more information on this survey.

Bacich Events

  • Fourth Grade Families: Rancho Day is Friday, February 15, 2019. Volunteer information will soon be available.
  • Bacich ELAC meeting: February 6, 2019, 8-9 a.m., Portable 1. The meeting with cover an Aeries tour, Kindergarten registration, and other topics.
  • Third Grade Concert: Thursday, February 28, 2019, 6:30–7:30 p.m., Bacich Community Center

New Student Registration

  • Kindergarten registration will open Friday, February 1, 2019

Bacich Site Council

Next Meeting: February 4, 2019, 3-4 p.m., Bacich Library. All parents are welcome to attend.

Bacich Resources

Please visit our Bacich Families page for information such as the Bell Schedule, Parent Handbook, and other important resources and forms.

Bacich Grade Level and Program Websites

Bacich Online Learning Access

Follow Bacich on Instagram

Bacich Elementary School @bacichelementary

Bacich STEAM Projects @bacichsteam

Bacich Library @bacichlibrary

Bacich Construction

Kent News

Kent Principal Grant Althouse

Greetings Kent Community,

This next week we celebrate the progress of our many young musicians at Kent through three evenings of winter concerts in our multi-purpose room. Please join us to experience the songs our students have prepared!

Experiences with music education were transformative for me growing up. Starting with piano and saxophone in elementary school, I eventually played alto and baritone sax all three years in middle school, including lugging that baritone saxophone in marching band my last semester of eighth grade. I loved every minute of it. I still maintain connection with my middle school band teachers, Mr. Brigham and Ms. Boudreaux, who both provided me with guidance and modeling in musicianship, responsibility, and creativity.

Any visitor to our new music room will quickly understand the depth of learning happening within. Under the capable and experienced guidance of Mr. Michael Martinez, our students are learning rhythm, harmony, melody, composition, and instrumentation. The sound produced by these ensembles reflects wonderful collaboration and growth, and I could not be more impressed by what our students are learning about music. It’s also clear to see that Mr. Martinez creates a safe space for our children to explore and create, and the benefits being realized through Kent music education go way beyond music, fostering increased confidence, sense of purpose, patience, discipline, and inclusion. Next week provides us with an opportunity to celebrate all of this, and to show our students that we value music and the arts!

So, please come join us for one of all of our winter concerts! Fifth grade band plays on Tuesday evening, sixth grade and 0 period bands play on Wednesday evening, and sixth grade and 0 period choirs perform on Thursday evening. I look forward to enjoying these concerts with you!

All my best,

Grant Althouse
Kent Principal

Kent Announcements

Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth graders may take the District's YouthTruth Student Survey.

Please note: the newsletter on 1/24/2019 incorrectly stated that fifth graders would be given the middle school survey. These students will receive the elementary school survey. Sixth, seventh, and eighth graders will receive the middle school questions.

Please read the District's newsletter section for more information on this survey.

View Kent Daily Announcement on Kent website.

Last Call! Attention Current Sixth Grade/ Incoming Seventh Grade Parents - Tdap Requirement

  • Tdap vaccine proof due by January 25, 2019.
  • Students who do not provide the updated proof of immunizations will be unable to register for seventh grade enrichment classes.

Yearbook Are Now On Sale!

Don't miss out on this important memento for your Falcon! Just go to this link: Our school code is 7587.

  • Nameplate options will only be available through January, so get those requests in early.

Eighth Grade Graduation Information

  • Check this page for graduation fundraising events, committee meeting dates, volunteer sign-ups, graduation events, and forms.
  • Volunteer sign up now open!

Kent Events

  • Tuesday January 29, 2019: 5th Grade Band- Winter Concert, 7-8 p.m., Kent MP Room
  • Wednesday, January 30, 2019: 6th Grade and 0 period Bands - Winter Concert, 7-8 p.m., Kent MP Room
  • Thursday, January 31, 2019: 6th Grade and 0 period Choirs - Winter Concert, Kent, 7-8 p.m., MP Room
  • Wednesday, February 6, 2019: Pizza fundraiser for 8th grade graduation after school sale, 1:15-2 p.m.

Kent Site Council

Next Meeting: February 5, 2019, 3:30-4:30 p.m., Main Office Conference Room

  • All Kent parents are welcome to attend Site Council meetings. Please visit our Site Council page for meeting dates, agendas, and minutes.

Kent Resources

Please visit our Kent Families page for information such as the Bell Schedule, Parent Handbook, and other important resources and forms.

Follow the Kent Library on Instagram

Safe Routes News

Safe Routes to School

Upcoming Walk & Roll Wednesdays

January 30, 2019 February 6, 2019
  • Walk & Roll Wednesday Welcome Table Volunteers Needed - Please sign up to host the table and hand out “trinkets” to the kids who walk or carpool to school. The kids really love getting these. This is a great way to encourage foot and bike travel to and from school. It’s an easy volunteer job and does wonders for awareness of the importance of carpooling, walking and rolling to school.

The Kentfield School District encourages all families to actively participate in our nationally-recognized KSD Safe Routes to School Program, a neighborhood-focused initiative to advocate green travel alternatives, and address traffic safety at our schools.

A team of Neighborhood Parent Captains provide suggested safe route maps and carpooling options all customized by neighborhood. We also advocate for traffic safety concerns on behalf of the families in our district's neighborhoods.

kik News

Save The Date: Saturday, May 11th.

kik Auction | Dinner | Dancing

There are lots of ways to help make our auction a success. Can you donate a gift certificate? Sponsor the event? Want to host a sign up party? We have lots of ideas, from hosting a fun themed party for parents to a movie night for kids!

Contact us if you can help: and

Any contribution at any level makes an impact on our schools.

Help us reach 100% participation for our schools.

kik Speaker Series


Next KSPTA Meeting

January 28, 2019, 8:30-10 a.m., Kent Library

KSPTA Lunar New Year Celebration: Year of the Pig

Please join your KSPTA to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with a morning filled with Korean Drummers, Taekwondo Performance and a Chinese Lion Dance.

  • Date: Saturday, February 2, 2019
  • Time: 10:30 a.m.–12p.m.
  • Cost: $5 per person*, includes light food

*Additional food and cultural items will be available for purchase. All are welcome, despite ability to pay.

More information here.

Parent Education Free Event

High: Everything You Want to Know About Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction.

Join KSPTA and Book Passage for a book talk by bestselling father/son team David and Nic Sheff discussing High: Everything You Want to Know About Drugs, Alcohol, and Addiction. David Sheff is the author of Beautiful Boy (2008), and Nic Sheff is the author of Tweak: Growing Up on Methamphetamines (2008), and their latest book is the ultimate resource for learning about the realities of drugs, alcohol, and addiction for middle grade readers and draws on their experiences.

Bacich Yearbooks Now On Sale

See your kids smile in pictures, then see them smile at your in real life because you ordered one.

Want to get more involved with you KSPTA?

We are now forming our Nominating Committee. Please contact Christy Chandler at for details

Connect with KSPTA!

Community News

These programs are not sponsored by the Kentfield School District. Distributing flyers and information is a community service and does not imply endorsement.

RVLL Spring Tee Ball Registration is still Open

Model UN

  • California YMCA Youth & Government has offered the Model United Nations (MUN) program to middle school students throughout the state since 2001. Middle school students (delegates) participate in the program with their peers. They are given the opportunity to discuss international issues, discover other cultures, develop life-enhancing skills, and make new friends. The program culminates when delegates from around the state meet at the annual Model United Nations Summit in Los Angeles, California.
  • Meetings will be Thursdays, at Kent from 3:30-4:15 p.m., January 17- May 9, 2019
  • View Flyer

Incoming Kindergarten Families: Sign up for Kinder Camp!

This class has been specially designed by Marin County Kindergarten teachers to help your child make a smoother transition into kindergarten. The two week class's curriculum is based on what students will experience in the upcoming year. This gentle, stress-free introduction occurs as they have fun in the actual kindergarten classrooms with experienced teachers. The ratio is 1:15 maximum, plus each class will have an incredible teen aide to ensure your children have a fun, positive experience. The students will enjoy a lively, sunny experience with tactile projects in arts, crafts, listening, nature, building, and laughter. We even try to put them in a class with a buddy of their choosing!


Film Screening: Just Eat It

On Sunday, January 27, CFI Education, ExtraFood, and Children for Change present the provocative, award-winning documentary Just Eat It at the Smith Rafael Film Center in San Rafael. The film focuses on the social and environmental problem of food waste and will be followed by a panel discussion.

Courageous Conversation Parent Workshop

  • Tuesday, January 29, 2019, 5-7:30 p.m., San Rafael High School Library

Dr. Lori Watson will guide us through a thoughtful, compassionate conversation about race and racism and will give insight into the work that the Kentfield School District administrative team has been doing with the Pacific Education Group.

  • Registration is highly encouraged to ensure adequate seating. Language translation will be provided.
  • Read flyer in English and Spanish.

Prius Raffle To Support Special Education in Marin

The parent volunteers of Dedication to Special Education announce the kick-off of our 14th Annual Prius Raffle. We fund supports that special education students need in the classroom throughout Marin’s public schools. Look for our volunteers at The Village Shopping Center every weekend through February 10th at shopping centers and farmers markets around town selling chances to win. Special Education families at your school should have tickets available.

Jenny Novack at (415) 812-5366 can provide more information or get tickets to you. Go to for more details.